Hi, I'm Scott.

I’m a senior product designer based in San Francisco. As a former management consultant, I blend design aesthetics with solid business sense. 

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PwC's DeNovo is a FinTech monitoring platform designed to help C-suite banking execs take action.

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PwC FinTech partnered with InvestCloud to deliver digital solutions to banks

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Periodically, I work on side gigs to keep things fresh. Check 'em out.

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DeNovo Onboarding
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Mobile DeNovo

Optimizing DeNovo for mobile browsers increased four key metrics

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Scott's Shave Shop

Fun fact...I'm a barber! A few years back, I built a site for my mobile barbershop.

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Pattern Library

Creating a pattern library helped onboard designers & manage feedback

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My Story

In 2013, I pivoted my career from CX to UX. My break came when I was hired internally at PwC’s Emerging Tech Lab (ETL), the company's internal R&D tech lab. While there, I designed three apps and received valuable mentorship.

After my time at the ETL, I was brought on to lead the design efforts at DeNovo, a product built by PwC's FinTech group. While on the project, I helped establish a design team by hiring two designers. Consequently, I established our design operations by building the pattern library.


It all starts with RESEARCH. Quantitative research allows me to know what has happened, and the qualitative provides the why.  To design the most optimal solution, I first seek to understand the problem. After defining the problem, I rapidly iterate on design solutions.

When designing, I always...

  • Clarify/align the goals of business stakeholders AND the users -- Ask the seemingly dumb questions.
  • Validate designs with users as quickly as possible -- Same day validation is best!
  • Seek feedback early and often -- Let the stakeholder's weigh-in before high-fidelity.
  • Drop biases -- We all got 'em, but be aware and work to reduce them.
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