From being a solo designer to building a design team of three, DeNovo was a rich learning experience for me. View case studies below to learn more.


Acting on user research increased engagement and reduced email unsubscriptions

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Mobile Web

Optimizing DeNovo for mobile web increased four key metrics

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Pattern Library

Creating a pattern library using InVision helped onboard designers and manage feedback

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Changing to a freemium business model required a UX overhaul 

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Quick Facts

  • Product Designer role
  • Worked remotely in Salt Lake City
  • Moved to San Francisco early 2017
  • Agile team functioning like a start-up

Project Details

DeNovo began as a consulting project in 2014. With the backing of PwC's financial services partnership, it transformed into a full-fledged software application.

The product design reflected shifts to find its competitive advantage within a marketplace dominated by the likes of McKinsey's Panorama, and Crunchbase.

Due to limited contact with users, we initially designed for the wrong persona. 'Well-Informed' William was the buyer, not the user. In our subsequent research and user interviews, we found that this persona was authorizing the purchase, but periodically skimming DeNovo.

The 'power users' were the analysts. After this discovery, I designed with the analyst in mind. A dashboard was created for our secondary user to skim updates that they needed to know.

In hindsight, this makes total sense. At the time, it was revolutionary. Understanding the difference between the buyer (C-suite, secondary persona) and the primary users (analysts) was a complete paradigm shift for our team.

My Timeline

Design Challenges

1. Create Two Experiences

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